Your Application

Your way to us

Whether being proactively or applying for our advertised positions: We are looking forward to receiving applications of prospective colleagues through our comfortable online job portal. To apply at zur Mühlen Group you have to look for the respective vacancy you want to apply for first. There is also a position for unsolicited applications. Please attach your relevant documents such as motivational letter, curriculum vitae and certificates to the completed form before uploading.

Convince us of your qualifications without exaggerating and explain to us why we should choose you for the new job. For this you can refer to previous work experience or projects to have been dealing with. However, make sure that it is relevant for the respective vacancy you are applying to. If you don’t have previous working experience, or you want to apply for an apprenticeship, you can also refer to your strengths at school: Are you an expert in natural science? Do you love handling numbers? Is working with words and wordings what you enjoy the most? Your motivational letter should show us where you see yourself in the future – we are offering different perspectives in different fields of business.

More information about the selection process

As soon as we are receiving your documents you will receive a notice of arrival. We will then check your application thoroughly. In case you have convinced us with your documents, you will get another E-Mail with an invitation to meet us in personal. If you are applying for an apprenticeship, you will be invited in taking part in a test upfront.

We have collected some useful hints and tricks, as well as the most important information about applying for a job for pupils, interns, students and experienced. We wish you good luck!

Frequently asked questions for job starters on subject of application

An application always means advertising – advertise yourself! An Application is the first impression that we get from you as a potential new employee. Show us why you are the best candidate for us!

What belongs to an application?

For a complete application you need a motivational letter, a curriculum vitae and possible references like certificates, employment reference letters or evaluations from internships.

Motivational letter

Distinguish yourself from other candidates! In the motivational letter you are able to tell us more about yourself and your motivation to join our company. Certificates and evaluations are important parts of an application as well, however, a motivational letter is far more personal and you can use it to emphasize your individual strengths. For us it is most important to know the reason why you would like to do an apprenticeship/ internship in our company. What do you like about our company, our products and the position?

Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum vitae should display your complete and gapless carrier development. It is common to use a structure with personal data, education training and internships / work experience. An additional application photo of yourself makes it more personal, however it is up to you if you wish to attach a picture or not.

What is important

What belongs to a complete application? A motivational letter, a curriculum vitae, certificates and references– plenty of possibilities to make mistakes. “It is important that the candidate refers directly to the job he is applying for”, says Sibylle Engelkestock (HR Department). The candidate has to direct and refer his qualifications to the vacancy and to elaborate what additional value he/she can add to the company. “The candidate should put emphasize on submitting all required information and complete documents. This way we can choose the candidates more precisely and suitable.”

Job Interview

You cleared the first hurdle and are invited to the job interview. How do you make a good first impression? Be yourself and do not try to be someone else. However, being punctual and appropriate clothing is of course obligatory. Further, you should prepare yourself upfront for this important date. It is important to know about the company and to have an idea about the job description. Present yourself with all your strength, but also know about your weaknesses. We are searching for those candidates who fit us best. But do you fit to us? Use the opportunity to ask all your questions and to get as much information about your new job / apprenticeship as possible. Because we want to shape your apprenticeship with you successfully within the next 3 years.

Does it always have to be a suit in order to make a good impression?

Of course not! This is depending on the job you are applying for, but especially in interviews for jobs that involve less customer contact, it is fine to chose a more casual outfit. Nevertheless, it is still better to be overdressed than underdressed. Don’t think about your job too rigidly, a mutual dialogue is always the best basis for a job interview.