We take responsibility

„We take responsibility for food. Everyday, in Germany and the rest of the world. This is our strength.”
- Peter zur Mühlen

We think about today and tomorrow

Ecological, economic and social corporate management and also innovations and future-oriented technologies in the environmental field are points of focus at the zur Mühlen Group.

A strong network

With the help of our 4,000 committed employees we are producing more than 2 billion consumer packages annually with an awarded quality in different kinds of packaging at 14 locations.

Böklunder voted as brand of the century

Brand of the century

Böklunder is one of the strongest brands in Germany. This documents the repeated decision to include the Böklunder brand in the renowned compendium “Marken des Jahrhunderts – Lighthouses auf dem Markenmeer” (Brands of the Century – Lighthouses in an Ocean of Brands) and to award it the “Markenpreis der Deutschen Standards” (German Standards Brand Prize).

By winning the prize again, Böklunder is proving that it still belongs to the exclusive circle of around 250 German brands, which all represent their product category with unique selling points. Germany’s most popular sausage speciality was selected by a prominent jury, consisting of high-level brand experts.

Picture of customized production of sausage

Customized production

The high-tech production lines of the zur Mühlen Group facilitate an efficient and flexible production of award-winning quality products, consisting of self-service processed meat, cold cuts, fresh products, sausages and convenience articles of all categories and forms of presentation. Individual customer’s requests can thus be met, be it stacked packs, overlapping fan packs, the convenient serve box, in a round format, in thick or very thin slices, in single or double layers, in small or large formats.

Picture Laboratory in Satrup

No compromises on quality

Thanks to the 50,000 laboratory tests performed every year, the zur Mühlen Group is able to ensure continuous quality assurance throughout the production chain – from the receipt of the raw materials to delivery of the products.


Searching for an apprenticeship?

Picture of a group of apprentices

The companies of the zur Mühlen Group are offering several opportunities of apprenticeships in business and technical-commercial business fields. Find here some more information about your career opportunities with us at zur Mühlen Group.

Logo zur Mühlen International

A strong partner for the world market

Zur Mühlen International (ZMI) is a subsidiary of the zur Mühlen Group. Our export office is responsible for marketing the excellent processed meat products from the zur Mühlen Group in more than 40 countries.