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The zur Mühlen Group is offering training for apprentices in commercial and technical-commercial fields every year.

Furthermore, there are possibilities for trainees and students to gain professional experiences while working on ambitious projects besides their studies. When starting an apprenticeship or an internship at zur Mühlen Group, you will be integrated in our team and see into everyday working life from the very beginning.

Interns and Students

At zur Mühlen Group you have the possibility to gain a comprehensive insight into your chosen fields of business during an internship of at least three months. Moreover, our interns (m/f) have a personal point of contact who will mentor and support them in professional and personal questions.

Internships are possible in various departments of the zur Mühlen Group. This will be decided on an individual basis with the respective department after we have received your application. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to write your Bachelor or Master Thesis with the zur Mühlen Group subsequent to your internship. Both, you internship and your Thesis or research papier will be being paid.

Apprentice food technology expert

After a short and helpful instruction I was already allowed to handle a lot of machines by myself. Of course this means a huge responsibility but on the other hand I am also able to do a lot of things by myself already. Working here means a lot of fun for me because colleagues are really friendly and understanding. I really look forward for the next years to get to know all about the whole process of production until consignment. 
- Anastasia Simonova 3. year of apprenticeship 


Apprentice electronics engineer for operating technology

After the first two months of my apprenticeship I was able to go on a 4 month training course in an apprenticeship workshop. There I got training in several basic skills such as bending and drilling metal. Furthermore, I learnt about operating engine lathe and milling machines, as well as basic knowledge of pneumatics. Afterwards I went back to our production site. There is a very nice working atmosphere in the main workshop within the production site. At first you accompany colleagues and try to help them as good as you can. Later you can do smaller tasks already on your own. What I like the most is that you are always working on other things and never doing the same thing two days in a row. Meanwhile I learn in the vocational school all about the theoretical part of my apprenticeship and it helps me getting a better technical understanding. I enjoy all the different aspects and tasks related to my job and it is fun every day.
- Nils Repkow 2. year of apprenticeship

Apprentice industrial management assistant

I am about to finish my apprenticeship as industrial management assistant at zur Mühlen Group and I can say that the expectations I had at the beginning, have been confirmed. During my apprenticeship I have not only seen the commercial departments. I have also been working in the production department for half a year to get to know about most of the products. When I started working in the commercial department again, this knowledge helped me to understand the connections even faster. I passed through various departments like controlling, marketing, logistics, HR and sales. I have experienced a warm welcome and very friendly coworkers in every department and I could work independently. When I needed help, they always supported me. During my apprenticeship I learned to work independently and became more confident by having contact with various personalities like customers or colleagues. 
- Maurice Hannek 3. year of apprenticeship


You have already finished schooling and want to enter into employment? Then an apprenticeship at zur Mühlen Group is just right for you! With us you have the possibility to choose from 11 different apprenticeships at 12 locations in Germany.


We offer the following apprenticeships from 1st August each year:

Food Technology Expert (m/f)

As Food Technology Expert you are producing meat- and sausage products, convenience food and canned food according to defined recipes and process operations at automated machines and facilities.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), or a good Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)
Locations: Böklund, Delmenhorst, Dissen, Elmshorn, Gütersloh, Satrup, Versmold, Zerbst


Mechatronics Technician (m/f)

Mechatronic Technicians construct mechatronic systems made with mechanic, electric and electronic elements. They produce particular constituents and assemble them.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) preferable Locations
Locations: Delmenhorst, Satrup, Versmold, Zerbst


Machine and Plant Operator (m/f)

Machine and Plant Operators install and constitute production machines and equipment. Further tasks are the start-up, handling, retooling and maintenance of machines and equipment.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), or a good Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)
Locations: Böklund, Elmshorn, Satrup, Versmold


Industrial mechanic (m/f)

Industrial mechanics take care of the maintenance of machines and equipment and make sure that they are ready for operation. They manufacture different machine components and machine parts to assemble them to complete machines and technical systems.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) preferable
Locations: Böklund, Delmenhorst, Satrup


Industrial Electronics Technician (m/f)

Industrial Electronics Technicians install electronic components in different areas. They take care for service, maintenance and repairing of computerized production plants.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) preferable
Locations: Böklund, Delmenhorst, Elmshorn


Butcher (m/f)

As Butcher you process meat to meat and sausage products. You cook, chop or cure the meat and add some spices according to the recipe.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
Locations: Versmold, Zerbst

Industrial Management Assistant (m/f)

Industrial management assistants mess about commercial-economically tasks in departments like sales, marketing, purchasing, HR, controlling and accounting.
Qualifications: General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), commercial college or A-level
Locations: Böklund, Delmenhorst, Dissen, Elmshorn, Satrup, Versmold, Zerbst

IT Management Assistant

As a IT management assistant your main tasks are the administration of the sever and networks, user support and getting started with coding, programming and system preferences (customizing). In addition to that you get to know the different core processes of the company and how they are transferred to the IT system while going through the different departments.
Qualifications: Commercial college or A-Level
Locations: Versmold

Food Salesperson Focus: Butchers

As a food salesperson with focus on butchers you are selling meat and sausage products. You also learn to specialize on advertising customers, the presentation and preparation of the food and how to take care of the shop floor.
Qualifikationen: Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE)
Locations: Versmold

Integrated degree program Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) (m/f)

With an integrated degree program you learn about the economic basics. Beside theory phases in university you can collect valuable experiences during the practical phases on the job.
Qualifications: A-Level or university of applied sciences entrance qualification
Locations: Böklund

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