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Reliability, fairness, openness and respect are the core values of the Zur Mühlen Group.

Nevertheless, it can happen in a company of this size that employees encounter conscious or unconscious unethical or improper behavior (compliance violation).

Compliance violations include, for example, improper behavior towards employees, corruption offenses and antitrust offenses, data protection violations as well as offenses in accounting, finance and taxation.

If there are problems, they should be resolved fairly and appropriately. Violations or problems can be reported to various places, such as the supervisor, the integration team or to the HR department.

Anyone who prefers to remain anonymous when making a report can use the “IntegrityLine” whistleblower system and submit a report in their own language completely anonymously. These tips help to remedy any problems and find real solutions.

Would you like to report a violation? Click here to go to the whistleblower system with the option of anonymous reporting: